20th International Workshop: Intelligent Computing in Engineering 2013


This workshop, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2013, brings together international experts working on the application of computer science to engineering activities. The workshop is intended to be a high-quality, small-scale event focusing on exchange of knowledge and ideas through intensive discussion. The single-track workshop style of the meeting assures the exchange and quality.

Although the workshop is particularly dedicated to the application of computer science to challenges in the AEC industry, it is open for experts in neighboring fields, such as mechanical engineering, geodesy and informatics, thus fostering interdisciplinary collaboration.

Call for papers

The field of computing in engineering, traditionally limited to covering only analysis tasks, such as the determination of physical behavior of structures, and data storage for design and management, such as data bases of geometry, construction parts and cost, is growing. To realize the objective of better supporting design, fabrication, construction and management of buildings and other infrastructure, today’s computing in engineering increasingly implements intelligent methods of modeling, simulation, reasoning and optimization.

We invite papers presenting new approaches, methodologies and findings in the field of computing in engineering, including, but not limited to the following application areas:

Design Support Monitoring, Diagnostics, and Control
• Architectural design
• Structural design
• Building performance simulation
• Sustainable design
• Geometric modeling
• Data sensing and analysis
• Infrastructure management
• Active control
Optimization and search Management
• Optimization
• Design space exploration
• Stochastic search
• Scheduling
• Construction management
• Discrete-event simulation
• Traffic simulation
• Process modeling
BIM, Ontologies,
Advanced reasoning
Advanced Computing
• Building information modeling
• Semantic modeling
• Ontological reasoning
• Spatial reasoning
• Graph algorithms
• Code compliance checking
• Machine learning
• High performance computing
• Distributed computing
• Virtual and augmented reality
• Image processing
• Visualization

We look forward to welcoming you to Vienna for the EG-ICE Workshop!